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free covid 19 testing available in MA no RX needed


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It seems like a  much needed program, paddling interests aside. 

Does anyone know what kind of tests are being performed in this program and what the wait time is for results? If it’s not a PCR or IDNOW test then Maine will not accept it. 

If I learn the answer from them then I will post here. 

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1 hour ago, Joseph Berkovitz said:

For what it’s worth I just got my PCR result (negative, happily) from AFC Swampscott. It took 2 days (they had estimated it would take 4). 

Amazing.  That's the fastest I've heard anywhere - and that includes for people in the hospital where a covid rule out was high on list!


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I got a Covid test yesterday morning - one of the free PCR tests for Cambridge residents thru Cambridge Health Alliance.  24 hrs later, they called me with my - negative - test result,  I  was prepared to be waiting 4-5 days...even up to a week.  Negative result reassures me...and makes me feel better about all the paddles I've been on with many of you these pasts months.

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