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Wednesday Lunch Paddle #1, 5/27/20

Joseph Berkovitz

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NSPN Wednesday Lunch Paddle #1 of 2020 takes place on May 27, a day which, in keeping with tradition, happens to be a Wednesday.

Covid-19 paddling: on this trip we will strictly observe social distancing and MA state recreational boating guidelines for the pandemic. You must be a MA state resident to participate. There is a strict limit of 10 paddlers on the trip. If you do not pre-register using the form link below, you are not on the trip!

We will stay at least 6 feet apart, use gloves and/or hand sanitizer when helping carry boats, mininize sharing docks and ramps with others, and wear face masks while off the water in public use areas. We will also employ an online waiver to avoid passing around a physical piece of paper.

Registration: You must sign up by completing the following online waiver and registration form (which will also serve as a float plan):


You must be an NSPN member to join this trip. Your information will not be shared publicly. Only the organizers and other participants will know you are coming. 

Location: this is a bit tricky due to many local access points being shut down including Riverhead Beach. The meeting place is Parker’s Boatyard in Marblehead at 10 am, and I will be there to greet you. The rather complex launch procedure is as follows (designed to maintain good relations with the Harbormaster and the neighbors):

- Drive yourself to Parker's Boatyard, 3R Redstone Ln, Marblehead, MA 01945

It is an obscure spot located down either of 2 super narrow long driveways off the right side of Redstone Lane. If you see a driveway that seems to go nowhere then you probably found it. There lots of sailboats in storage, a small beach below a rock wall, and a gangway to a floating dock. It is a town owned property normally not used by kayakers but it is legal; the key thing is to respect other boaters using the facility  

- drop your boat and gear off and quickly change into your paddling gear in the boatyard (or even better have it on already!)

- park on nearby Commercial St next to chain link fence on the left, or on Gregory St. Observe any lined-off no parking zones and avoid parking on Redstone Lane. I’ll be there to give local directions.

- walk back to the boatyard and paddle!

In the near future we will hopefully be able to employ easier locations.

Predictions:  Forecast is mid 70s, sunny, moderate SW winds, seas 1-2 ft. In other words, PERFECT!
9:22 AM EDT Low Tide, -0.18 Feet
3:40 PM EDT High Tide, 8.58 Feet

When/what: We will launch at 10.30 sharp. Then we'll have a beach briefing in some safe manner, possibly on the water to avoid cramped quarters, make a plan together based on what people feel like doing. The launch location should give us plenty of wind/swell protection at the outset of the paddle; we'll decide where to go based on our group discussion (which will continue after we're on the water!).

This trip doesn't have a specific level: we'll determine the route based on who shows up, what people want to do, and what the environment wants to do. All properly equipped members are welcome: please bring boats with rigged deck lines, bulkheads, spray skirts, and dress for immersion. Dry suit very highly recommended as water temps are still around 50 F. And... don’t forget lunch!!!

NOTE: The Wednesday Lunch Paddles are cooperative adventures, not guided trips. Each participant is responsible for her/his own safety.Don’t assume the trip initiators are smarter, stronger, better at rough water, more attractive, or more skilled paddlers than you are. For more information, see this description of our trip philosophy from the NSPN web site.  A waiver/float plan will be created at the launch, so there's no need to commit in advance. It's always 100% OK to show up, decide you don't like the conditions or the trip, and opt out.

Unlike last year, registration is more formal to enforce the group size limit. Please PM me if you have questions or if you haven’t paddled with me or Bob before.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

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Hi Joe,  I completed my wavier/registration, yet I do not see it in google docs shared with me.  Did you receive it?  Thanks, for all you do.  Sue

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I'm still a working stiff but not having anything better to do, I now have vacation time to burn. 


Are these events weekly? 


If so, I could plan ahead a schedule a day off to make it some week.




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1 hour ago, Joseph Berkovitz said:

Yes, weekly. Please come!

K, I'll check my work  schedule and pick a few Wed's to do some paddles.  I missed April and have only been out once so far in May for 6.5 miles on the Charles.  I won't go out in the ocean or cold water solo.




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