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Hermit Island - 29th - 31May 2020 (On hold until further notice)


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Back by popular demand!

NSPN will be returning to Hermiit Island campground for a paddling weekend; a great location and a lovely stretch of coast


The plan is to arrive late on Friday and do day paddles on the Saturday and Sunday

All NSPN members welcome, details to follow

PM me if you'd like to come!

(spoiler alert - there is no hermit and it's not on an island)

hermit island map.jpg

hermit island sunset.JPG

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Hi Folks, 

We confirmed at the NSPN committee meeting last night that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  we will be cancelling all club trips, at least for the next couple of months -  So unfortunately we will be postponing this trip to Hermit island for the time being.  If things look better later in the year I might see if we can run this in the fall.  Failing that, it'll be on this time next year.

Hope you understand.

all the best 


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