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Linda and I did the Warren Is. MITA trip a few years ago.It was a great time-we highly recommend it. We took the ferry to Islesboro,and paddled to Warren,after hearing what a tough crossing it was.It's not that bad-no wind-no problem-just watch for heavy vessels.

Can't go this year-we're promised for 2 OE trips this weekend.

It's worth going just to hear Bill Hinderer tell his stories!

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Warrens Island not only has fresh water, it also has toilets(of the outhouse variety but it beats carrying it off in your boat), and firepits and grills with cut and dried firewood supplied. There are two ways to cross to Islesboro--the first is park in the Lincolnville ferry terminal parking lot and paddle due east to Warren's--about 2.5-3 miles. This is all open water but in most weather an easy paddle---watch out for the ferry--it crosses 2-3 times per hour---my advice is to paddle to the south of its route. The other way is to travel up route one to Northport and launch at Saturday cove---this way is slightly shorter over open water with less exposure to waves and traffic but requires you to paddle down the west side of Islesboro to Gilkeys harbor(and Warrens Island) Also if you park at saturday cove be sure to leave your car in a place where it won't be in the way---there is no paved lot and the locals launch boats there. I would be going myself but I have to work this weekend. The good news is that I'm working as a sea kayak guide. Have fun--Jon

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Beth and I went to the MITA camp out on Warren Last year and like this past weekend, the weather was picture perfect.

Warren Is. is a state park, complete with a ranger who lives there during the summer. I believe there is a fee to camp. The landing is on the inside towards Isleboro, a rocky beach for kayaks and a large dock for sailboats and power boats. It is a bit of a walk (1/4 mile or so) up a trail to the sites, but they had a couple of carts to haul gear. Lots of developed camp sites, some on grass. Some are arranged around a center grass picnic area and others isolated at far ends of the island through the woods. Warren is a large island, one of the few suitable for large groups. Interesting paddling in the island complex around Warren and Isleboro (Vinal Haven is just a short 3 or 4 miles to the southwest.)

The paddle over was benign as it could be: slack tide with the surface almost a mirror. I paddled with others from Lincolnville Beach northeast to Spruce Head and then to Warren Is. which made it a two mile crossing.

The return on Sunday was, well, a bit more exciting with a stiff southerly against a brisk ebb tide. So the direct crossing home was a three mile ride with 3-4 foot waves on the beam, a few with breaking crests. It got my attention, I'll say that, not so much for the conditions as for the exposure in a shipping lane. The weather was still fine, just wind against current.

The experience is a good example of a common trap: cross one day in fine conditions and face the choice of returning under decidedly more challenging conditions, finding another way home or staying another day. At least on Warren Is. you have the option of the Isleboro ferry, though I'm not sure how they feel about kayaks.

Beth chose the wise course: hitched a ride on a sailboat.


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Scott,the trick with the Islesboro ferry is,you can only transport a kayak on a vehicle. If things get rough,you take the ferry over,get your car and go back for your kayak. Seems a bit silly,but" thems the rules",or at least it was as of a couple of years ago.

When we last took the ferry,it ran aground coming out of the dock-made for an interesting few minutes!

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