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Year Round Kayaking


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Hey all, 

New to the Message Board. I am going to be moving to the New England area in the next year or so, and would like to find myself in an area that has descent(enough water to get down) class III-IV year round kayaking. Are there any rivers you would recommend? Are there any towns that would be good to base out of?

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We are mostly ocean paddlers on this site. New England has a few decent rivers but better to get on the Merrimac Valley Paddlers site, Meetup for white water or maybe the AMC NH paddlers site.

 Many of us enjoy finding white water like conditions on the ocean in our long boats.

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At least in NH many of the rivers are low in the winter after the draw downs  in the Fall.  Once exception is the Winni where there is a traditional New Years Day run of water that is III and IV into Franklin.  I believe they do a release just for that event.  Lots of NH rivers to run in the Spring when the snows melt.  Maine too.  NH rivers tend to get bony in Summer.  Don't know about rest of area.

As Paul suggested, MVP is good source as they are active IV and V paddlers.

Ed Lawson



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The Alden Bird book is a good recommendation.  (It's called "Let It Rain".)

There are a number of decent WW options all over New England, though some are limited or low in the winter).  Good surf and tide races on the ocean in the winter though, (and they never freeze!)


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