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Squam Lake in October 2016

Shari G

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I am looking for feedback on dates for our annual fall Squam Lake camping trip. I was considering Columbus Day weekend- Friday & Saturday night with a Sunday departure. The other possibility is the weekend after Columbus Day (also 2 nights; Friday & Saturday night with Sunday departure). Any thoughts? Thanks, I will put my camp site request in on January 1st.

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I'd thought of staging an autumn Lake George camping trip too, (Gary and I had discussed this a bit) and I don't want to compete with your Squam Lake trip.The best time for Lake George is the weekend after Columbus Day. (16th-18th) but any of the weekends i October would work well.
Is the weekend of Oct 2- 4 on the table for Squam as well?

All that said, any of the dates you mentioned would be fine ; Some folks may have Columbus Day weekend commitments (paddling and otherwise) but surely there will be enough paddlers for that weekend too .

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Thanks for everyone's thoughts.

I was hoping to target some foliage for next fall. Early October misses the mark. However, i agree we should not compete with each other. Perhaps I will shoot for Columbus Day weekend... (??).

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Picking a date when the foliage will be great a year in advance is very iffy business. IMHO, any time in Oct. will be nice regardless of the foliage. I always take a day to wander about Squam that month. Hopefully there will be yearling bald eagles around next year. Lately the nesting pair has not had good fortune which is sad. Especially combined with Loon population trends.

I have tended to see yearling eagles more on Winnisquam in the last few years, but it is not as nice a place to paddle as Squam.

Lake George, eh. Sounds interesting.

Ed Lawson

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