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Coast Guard ID sticker


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I have not tried obtaining them from this link but it should work:


I called Kittery Trading Post this morning and they did say they have them available free at the counter in the Paddlesports Department. I have seen them at other sporting goods stores as well, so it may be worth checking around in your local area. I obtained free ones at the New England Paddlesports Show at UNH last spring - they were by the cash registers. Maybe people can pick up a few if they do go next spring and pass them along to other kayakers. I think they are usually available at Paddle Smart events as well.

Just an FYI - my husband purchased some last spring at a sporting goods store, and I was surprised he was charged for them. As far as I know the Coast Guard intends for them to be available free to the public.

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Way better than using stickers (which often don't stick so well to the textured interior surfaces of composite kayaks), is to write your contact info with a Sharpie in the cockpit floor, just in front of the seat AND on the inside of each of your hatch covers.

If your hatch covers are rubber, you can contact cement a 4-5" diameter cicle of mini-cell foam to the inside of the covers and then write your contact info on that. That way, should a cover come off in the water it will float AND should you loose it, there's a chance someone will find it and contact you.

Good luck!


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