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The gales keep getting better and better


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Just back from the '15 Gales, and can hardly wait for next year's. A fun event with top-caliber coaching in truly hairy conditions. Particular thanks to Keirron for repeatedly destroying (and rebuilding) my self-confidence and to Ciro for herding us cats on the downwind run.

Congrats to Kevin Beckwith for his hard-won Celtic paddle.

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I was working with Dale Williams of Tybee island GA and Levi Hogan of AK. They were really cool guys, very laid back. We were all just having a blast, and if they noticed something they could help you with, they let you know. They also asked the whole time if I needed to work on anything.

There were a bunch from across the pond too, I just didn't get a chance to work with them.

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I worked with Keirron Tastagh and Nigel Dennis for open water nav, 5* training, and night nav, then Pete Jones for incident managtement, and then Keirron and Ciro de la Vega for high wind rough water paddling and downwind surfing. Keirron was a bit hard on us, but I learned a ton, partricularly about managing situation overload.

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