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Anti deck scratch tape and loose compass deck plate screw

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I would like to put some transparent "ISC Racertape" (used by bikers and car owners to prevent scratches) under the area under my foredeck bungees where I push my spare paddle shafts under. Have accumulated quite the surface abrasion there. I could put some extra layer of coating there but I'm too lazy for that and don't trust myself to do a good job.

Does anyone have positive or negative EXPERIENCE with this? Does this or similar transparent adhesive tapes come off in marine environment? Can they be easily removed if they become too scratched up? Any positive experience with any particular brand?

Unrelated to above: My compass deck plate has a (aft starboard :)) screw loose. This allows the plate to come off a 12th of an inch or so, which allows sea water to enter under it and cause god knows what damage there in the future.

Any solutions? Locktite? Anything more sophisticated?

Would appreciate input greatly.

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I've had the 3m clear protective tape on my deck since I got my boat in 2011. No problems staying stuck. Removing it might be another matter, but I haven't tried. As for the compass screw, maybe try some epoxy putty from the hatch side to seal things up.



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Believe it or not I've had great luck with clear weather seal tape found @ home depot and others. I believe the brand is Frost King, or something to that effect. I tried it about a year ago as an experiment and to my surprise it has held up great, salt water and all.

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Regarding the loose screw, I have used 3M 4200 or 5200 fast cure to seal/glue those pesky little devils ( I dab a little on the screw and file the hole before installing) so water does not intrude into the laminate along with a small blob of putty epoxy underneath to assure no water in the hatch and no sharp points to tear up stuff. I also trim the screws to a shorter length and pre-drill. I suspect all this is totally OCD compared to practicality, but fun to mess with boats and it has worked over time for me. No problem loosening if needed either if it moves off the lubber line.

Ed Lawson

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Thanks, Jason. Did you apply the Bodyguard tape wet or dry? Are you using it in the area I intend to use it in?


I think that I used the windex trick to put it on. I know that I used the windex trick when I put the clear protector on my truck under where the roof racks attach to the truck.


I have paddle britches in the front: http://northwater.com/collections/paddle-leashes/products/paddlebritchesand then the bodyguard is under the paddle blade.

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