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Astral Sea Wolf and Camelbak reservoir


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If you have an Astral Sea Wolf PFD, stick your hand up behind where BACK is printed, and you'll find a loop of nylon webbing. Turns out that it's intended to hang a Camelbak Antidote 50 oz (1.5L) reservoir (regular, not the lumbar one) between the back foam and the mesh back. I tried it at LL Bean and everything seems to fit just right, with no pressure on your back from the cap or tubing connector. Would be much neater than the usual piggyback setups.

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I looked at my Sea Wolf and found the previously unbeknownst to me setup you describe. I don't have an Antidote 1.5L but with my Kokatat hydration bag with the same volume there was quite a bulge pressing against my back when I put it there and strapped the 'Wolf tight. Did you try it with a full Antidote? It would indeed be much neater. I might get an Antidote for the heck of it and try it out. Has anyone else tried this?

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I tried it with a 'regular' Camelback 1.5 l, and it didn't work for me. Is there something specific about the Camelback Antidote bag?

Here is the related note I got from Astral:

Hey Josko,

The Sea Wolf will accommodate a hydration bladder. There is a space between the very back panel of the PFD and the mesh lining that goes against your back. You can fit a bladder there and attach it to the webbing loops that are located at the top of this space. You can run the drinking tube through the loops on the shoulder strap. We’ve discovered a bladder made by Camelbak that works perfectly with the Sea Wolf. You could also try to use a bladder that you already own, however, it may not fit as nicely or attach as easily.

Check this out:


* It is the right dimensions to fit in the back without sticking out.

* It comes with a little hook that hangs easily on the webbing at the top back

* It has a quick-release from the drink tube, so you can leave the drink tube attached when you take the bladder out to clean it.

* It's not uncomfortable. (it does have the big plastic opening for filling and cleaning, but if you face it away from the body you really can't feel


* It costs $30 retail, is available to all retailers and customers and does not require any after-market alteration!

I hope this helps.


Kevin Mulligan
Asheville, NC USA

I tried it and it didn't work for me.


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