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Personal Info On Boat


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I thought the classified post concerning the kayak foiund on a beach was a decent teachable moment so I offer the following comment. If the owner had put his name and contact info on the boat, it would be easy for CG or others to ascertain if the kayak was simply lost and see it was properly recovered or if a rescue/recovery operation was warranted. We all should have names and contact info somewhere in cockpit area just in case.

Ed Lawson

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I recommend that you don't list your own name and phone number, but rather of a responsible friend or family member. It is a morbid thought, but if the boat is found due to an unfortunate incident, you will not be available to get any phone messages that your boat was found. If another person is contacted, they have a better chance of determining where you were, especially if that person is your regular float plan emergency contact.

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I'm the one who found the boat and although I have been kayaking 20 years and between my wife and I, own 6 kayaks, NONE of them have ANY identifying information, nor do we have records of serial numbers. We leave float plan all the time but never thought to have ID beta in the boats.

I plan on having BOTH personal AND emergency contact info in all our boats. When I remember to to do it.

Any suggestions on finding the owner of this thing?

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Side note...,

I have been thinking I should tether myself to the kayak when doing secluded solo paddles. Don't bother assailing me about entanglement as I know the risks.

You probably know all about it already but Lendal NA has a very nice paddle leash with a quick release.

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