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Havoc in Lanes Cove...


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Yesterday, being my day-off, I paddled out of the cove, as is my wont. I had been watching the line of cumulonimbus that stretched seawards, seemingly parallel with the south-west/north-east axis of the northern side of Cape Ann. It seemed to me that, with recent prevailing winds being westerlies/southwesterlies, that the line of storms would pass by, harmlessly: mistake!

I realized I needed to get off the water, when I was playing along the shore near Folly Cove, and made my way relaxedly back to the cove.

Five minutes after I beached, the nearest cell of activity (putting out substantial lightning between sea and cloud) seemed to turn right and come straight into Lanesville! It was short-lived; but I reckon the wind blasted through there at around 50kt! The surface of the water was whipped into a white sheet, reeds were flattened for the duration (a few minutes, only) and an 18' Hobiecat was turned over...

As suddenly as it came through, it departed, leaving torn branches and, apparently, one tree downed, just above the cove -- perhaps the result of one lightning strike that sounded to have been very close-by!

I wonder if John Huth is around and reading? The line of squalls -- or one cell in the line -- really seemed to change direction. Is it <possible> that there is any correlation between lightning strikes (causing -- we know -- localized very high temperature and therefore, presumably, lower resistance?) and direction of storm movement? (I <hope> John is reading this...)

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