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Shipping 3 piece kayaks


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What's the cost and procedure of shipping three-piece kayaks to distant destinations? I assume they get on the flight as 'excess baggage' or somesuch, but any detailed info on just how it works and what it costs would be very welcome. Do 3 piece boats come with protecting bags suitable for airline baggage?

Thanks in advance

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Try asking Justine Curgenven. She used a 3 piece Explorer during her Aleutian expedition. You'll find her contact info on cackletv.com.

Just to be picky (obviously I need to get on the water), she used a Valley Etain for the Aleutian trip. I believe she had used Explorers on her earlier trips.

Said she liked it. Outen's sectional was held together by clips as opposed to bolts and it became sketchy as the clips failed so that was her take away comment about sectionals.

Tom Bergh had a sectional (Nordkapp?) and might have some thoughts about transporting them.

Ed Lawson

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I would ask Nigel Dennis who brought them to the Exumas a few years back. I think they mention their transport logistics in an article on that subject by Ella , his partner. I tried to find the link to the article but failed.

Also, Greq Paquin of Wavelology would probably know since he'll likely be supplying a few this season and is in close touch with NDK.

Please let me know what you find.


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