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Dutch oven for kayak camping


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I went kayak camping with a Dutch oven master and we ate like kings. It wasn't that much bulkier than 'standard' camp cookery. So now i bought a 10" aluminum GSI Dutch oven and am trying to build up some recipes and related wherewithal.

Does anybody here take a dutch oven kayak camping? If yes, I'd love to hear about it: briquettes vs campfire embers, favorite recipes, staging multicourse dinners, etc.

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On the trip where a Dutch oven was used, was it a cast iron or aluminum? I have used one on a kayak camping trip since I don't use campfires when backpacking or kayak camping, but I have used cast iron Dutch ovens in other settings. They are quite versatile and can make wonderful meals. Many, many resources on the Net about cooking/using many types of Dutch ovens.

Ed Lawson

Who even used a reflector oven long ago

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GSI makes an aluminum 10" Dutch oven that fits into a 10" hatch and nests nicely with other stuff. They work well with charcoal briquettes, which are sort of halfway between a stove and campfire.

I understand they're a staple of dude WW rafting trips out west, but not so common for sea kayaking.

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I have not ever used a Dutch oven for kayak camping but used one years ago. Husband bought me one along with a lovely tripod for Christmas last year and I am ashamed to say that I haven't used it yet. Main reason is that it seems to me to be great for use when you have things that need long, slow cooking, soups and stews and lots of time to sit around the campfire.

Most of my kayak camping food preparation is for things that need to be made and eaten within 45 min to an hour (prep time to bowl time).

What I would like to bring camping would be a pressure cooker and I see that they make one for camping. Pressure cookers though are such a tricky/dangerous piece and must be kept sparkling clean (so the vent hole doesn't get blocked) so I have not yet bought one. Would love to hear if anyone is using a pressure cooker camping. That would really speed up the cook time of foods and also save on fuel.

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