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Downeast Paddle Retreat, Sept. 5-8, Mount Desert Island


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Several paddling buddies are now returning from the Downeast Paddle Retreat on MDI.
Thank you Peter for organizing a terrific get together. We saw good weather, great food and superb company.
Attached below are just a few pictures from our paddles.


post-101565-0-40737300-1410114594_thumb. post-101565-0-07153200-1410115102_thumb. post-101565-0-50044900-1410115223_thumb.

post-101565-0-21456500-1410115305_thumb. post-101565-0-77786400-1410115414_thumb. post-101565-0-54439800-1410115480_thumb.

post-101565-0-83304100-1410115634_thumb. post-101565-0-63812800-1410115789_thumb.

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That natural arch is located at the west end of Salisbury Cove, not far east of Hadley Point. I knew it was somewhere along that section of shoreline so we went looking for it on our way back from Bar Harbor.

We all had a splendid weekend up there. The high point for me was Sunday's paddle out of Seal Harbor. With a fleet of 13 we toured Bear I. and Sutton I. before stopping for lunch on Little Cranberry. We then headed out around Baker I. and returned to Seal Harbor. The sky was flawless and the view of the mountains of MDI was spectacular. It was a total blast.

I can't wait to go there again!

Many thanks to Peter Brady for instigating and organizing a great weekend on the water.

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What a fabulous trip! A super fun group of people and a multitude of paddling options in a beautiful area!

Peter, thanks so much for the idea and for organizing all of us... no small feat, since i believe we were a party of 20 on some days. I hope this becomes an annual event!

In addition to the daily paddling, I enjoyed a full moon walk on Sand Beach and a gorgeous sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain!

I will post a few photos. For anyone who wants to see more, please PM me with your email address. I used a non-waterproof camera, so unfortunately did not record any of the spectacular mountain views as we headed back from Baker and the Cranberries.


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It was a wonderful trip!! Thank you Peter for organizing it. Nice to see so many old and new friends.

I took some photos while we were on the water, but don't know how to upload them to the post. Any suggestions? Thx!


Here's a link that explains how to add pictures. . .


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Peter, fabulous image of the Aurora Borealis!! I heard about that and could not believe that we had JUST missed it! Drats!

Robin, if you hit reply you will see the "more reply options" button appear in the lower right hand corner. Click that and you should be able to browse photos/upload them (provided you have uploaded them to your computer). hope that helps! Since you were one of the only ones who took photos on the water, I will look forward to seeing them.

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Thank you everyone for a simply funtastic fantastic weekend, I second the vote for doing it again next year. :)

Wow, I can't believe we just missed the northern lights!

Thanks for all the great pics, a waterproof camera is on my wish list!

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