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careful out there, the landlord is present

Phil Allen

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I think they were in two singles, not a tandem. At least they had pfd's on, and had a cell phone. More than many rec boaters we see...

And I'm not sure self rescue skills would necessarily have helped....had it been me, I'm sure I would just have had a heart attack on the spot! The End!

But this sure is an object lesson in not harassing seals by getting too close, altho in this case, I don't think they even saw a seal.


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<...The Plymouth-based Manomet Current reported that a Massachusetts State Police helicopter was called in to search for the shark...>

What on earth were they supposed to do about it if they actually <found> the poor creature? All this alarmist reaction...oh, dear me! I'm pretty sure that you'll find surfers around the world still actively...surfing, despite the presence of great whites! How we do panic, don't we? All because of a movie, many years ago?

(Apologies: no idea how this font got to be like this!)

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While I know you're statistically more likely to be killed by a hippo than a shark (tongue firmly in cheek), it seems to me that paddling around seals may in fact up those odds this time of year. Is it really overreacting to choose your paddling spots carefully when GWs are in the area?

I paddled Nauset Marsh this weekend not knowing that the barrier beach had a huge breech (despite having downloaded the NOAA chart, which didn't show it), so I was surrounded by seals (and frankly plenty of boaters) for much of my paddle. It was pretty cool, but I will say there were some dark shadowy figures below that had me wondering ... :th_bf-sharksmiley:

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As an aside to this story-the news of the shark attacking a kayak was reported on Maine Public Radio yesterday and the commentator after finishing the report declared that if they had purchased their kayak from LL Bean it would be replaced -no questions asked!

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