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Advice sought re paddling shoes (once again!)...


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Neoprene bootees do not do it for me (and, in any case, I think I have two pairs of them already). H2O used to make great "water tennies"; but no longer manufactured. Anyone have any good ideas about a decent (summer) paddling shoe that is able to keep out most of the gravel and sand, that drains well and has rounded heels, please?

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After wearing teva sneaker shoes that were gravel magnets and retainers for the past year, I switched to astral water shoes...


and have found them comfortable and much more impervious to gravel. REI has limited sizes on sale, but there are other cool colors available - or at least used to be.


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I too have been wearing the Astral shoes that Pru mentioned. I am in my second season with them and very happy. I got mine over a year ago at Osprey and they have held up well. Better with socks because sand does get inside, but I often live with the sand. The soles are great and they dry quickly!

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The Astrals are tough for people with larger feet. I can't fit inside my boats (even fairly large boats like the Delphin 155 with the Brewers or Rasslers. But I have size 13 feet, and I know many other people (even with moderately large feet) who like there Astrals a lot.


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I just got a pair of Astrals this season and purchased one size larger than my shoe size so I could wear them with a dry suit. I paddle NDK Pilgrim which is low volume and found that The Astrals are too big for the boat and my feet get stuck to where I'm afraid it would hinder a wet exit. I did not think this would happen given my neoprene shoes have heavy soles and are the same size as the Astrals.

I'm hoping that breaking them in will resolve the problem. If not, they are great to wear at the camp site after paddling


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If you can wait for 2015 this will be shipping in 2015:

"KEEN Water Boot — The Gorgeous Boot is a neoprene bootie made for cold water. The upper is built of 2mm insulating and cushy neoprene. Pull one on in cold-water conditions, and then jump right in!?"


It was announced in OR. The page doesn't link well.
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Wait till the new Astral LoYak and HiYak models come out in 2015. Very different footbed but the same super grip soles. Looking forward to a pair that'll work with my Fenn Mako Surfski and my P&H Loki ww kayak.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY



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