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    Travel. Nordic skiing and backcountry touring. Biking. A 6-year member of RICKA: sea kayak touring, surfing, and rock gardening.
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  1. I don't see them in these photos so apparently, the Squam dolphins have migrated. Otherwise, the paddle looks like it was a gorgeous event. John
  2. I wish I could drop everything and join you. You all are going to have a wonderful time. Watch out for the playful dolphins — they love to get close and nuzzle! John
  3. I spent one night before paddling in Plymouth, at the Red Carpet Inn & Suites. It is cheap (+/- $100), not much to look at on the outside, but well appointed inside. Here was my 15- mile route.
  4. I was on Squam a week ago and highly recommend it. Small but complex- pick up the essential chart from SLA. Have fun.
  5. I will not be coming after all, and here's why. I come from Providence and have to consider the 2-hour drive in the morning thru the world's worst traffic. I'd accept an offer of an overnight bunk on the night before but cannot this time. Y'all have fun, and I'll see you another time. John
  6. As a Bar Harbor castaway, I like it. I haven't paddled this course before so want some assurance that Chauncey Creek at high tide will actually deliver us back to Fort Foster! Coming from Providence, I'll likely stay overnight in Portsmouth for a comfortable start of day. Feel free to use my textable (401) 654-3168.
  7. According to P&H, the Cetus weighs 57 lbs. I'm sending photos by text. John
  8. Thanks, Gary. I have signed a NSPN waiver before. Is it necessary to sign one for each outing? Or annually? I don't see a link in your post that leads to a waiver form. I will consult with Lobster Buoy about a launch fee and take care of it.
  9. Gary, I will happily participate again this summer although I will not be staying at the campground. Okay by you?
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