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    Travel. Nordic skiing and backcountry touring. Biking. A 6-year member of RICKA: sea kayak touring, surfing, and rock gardening.
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    John Harkey

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  1. I'm sure I missed some communication so must ask: For the Thursday Bug Light launch pod, will someone collect and distribute parking passes as last year, or do we each need to do this? John Harkey
  2. Yes, quite interested, probably after Bar Harbor. I know nothing of Sullivan Falls or what such a class might be, but I'm always interested in skilled coaching. John H.
  3. I'm going! I'm one male willing to share accommodations — even transportation — with one other person. I drive a Toyota Sienna with lots of room for gear.
  4. Matt, is the MV still available? At what price? Thanks.
  5. Please clarify your paypal ID. I cannot find any variation of "gyork at tdsdotnet." Alternately, please send me your mailing address. Thank you.
  6. Hi, Alex. Free both days and am interested. Prudence Island or Dutch would be my preference, wind and time permitting. Not quite ready for open ocean, especially with big tides. Prudence Island from the boat ramp alongside Oakland Beach brings you onto the top end at Patience Island and Sunday's NW wind favors the crossing. Sunday looks like the best for both sun and wind, although in open water I prefer a 40 degree-plus day. Stay in touch.
  7. I love the idea of spending one day cruising and visiting the islands. I'd happily skip the traverse.
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