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  1. Thanks Pintail. It is a nice boat with all new outfitting and about 16.5 feet long.
  2. I am dropping the price to $1,000, a bahgan as Mainers would say
  3. Excellent cornucopia of paddle trip photos Gary. I think I have most of them. See below in white 1. Umbagog 2. ??Hockmock Bay 3. Hay 4.Steves 5.Marshall Island 6.Jewell Island 7. Trott 8. Crow Cranberry 9. Bois Bubert 10. Cross Island 11. Fort Island 12. Little Ram? 13. Duck Harbor 14. ??? 15. Dunno 16. Ram Sheepscot 17. Lobster Lake 18. Goslings 19. Big Baker 20. Lobster Buoy Campground 21. Black Island 22??? 23 Head Harbor Island
  4. Glad to see Bob is still doing his spam cooking. Some things should never change
  5. It looks like you all managed to squeeze out a lot of fun from a relatively challenging time of weather. I am not surprised by that given the people participating in it. I hope to join you next year for sure.
  6. Dropping the price to $1,500 or make me an offer
  7. An oldie but a well kept goodie, a Valley Skerray about 19 years old but lightly used and stored indoors. It has received new outfitting including hatches, reflective deck lines, and bungie and a new backhand. WIth recent repairs to relatively minor gelcoat cracking, the boat is in move-in condition with only minor scratching of the hull. I am located in southern Maine but would be willing to meet seriously interested buyers halfway ( within reason). Asking $1,200
  8. Yesterday, I got a message that Old Quarry has opened for the season. Good news keeping the hope of a long-term solution alive.
  9. I got notice that Old Quarry is reopening for the season yesterday. Good news folks! Lets support Old Quarry and keep the hope alive.
  10. At this point, I am guessing it is safe to assume that Maine's policy is not going to change between here and the end of the year. How many of the folks signed up would be willing to get a COVID test in accordance with the present policy? See the Maine CDC website for details about the travel policy.
  11. I know that Maine requirements for quarantine have caused a lot of consternation but speaking as a Mainer it is good policy. It appears that CV will be with us all for a lot longer than we would hope so we have to err on protectiveness. If you dont think so just look at the data for North Carolina, Florida, Texas and other states. So much for the virus disappearing with warm weather. But there is hope: See the emboldened text below and link to the latest Maine CDC guidance. Here is a link to the latest advisories related to travel into Maine. https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/infectious-disease/epi/airborne/coronavirus.shtml#travel What do I do if I'm traveling or returning to Maine from out of state? It is mandated that all out-of-state travelers coming into Maine, as well as Maine residents returning to Maine, complete a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. This means: You need to arrive with enough food for 14 days or arrange to have food delivered to you. You cannot go out to grocery stores. Stay at home. You cannot go out to public places. Avoid contact with others, especially those who are at high risk of severe COVID-19 illness. The State will allow adults who obtain and receive a negative COVID-19 test ideally within the past 72 hours to forgo the 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Maine. Maine is strongly urging visitors to “Know Before You Go,” meaning they should get tested and receive their test results in their home state before traveling to Maine, which will allow them to take appropriate action depending on the result. Individuals may be tested upon arrival in Maine as well, but they must quarantine while awaiting the results. Additionally, the State will exempt residents of New Hampshire and Vermont from the testing and 14-day quarantine requirement altogether because, when adjusted for population, the prevalence of active cases of COVID-19 in these states is similar to that in Maine. This exemption is effective immediately for travel and effective June 12 for stays in lodging establishments. People who are not residents of Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont and are visiting Maine will be asked to sign a Certificate of Compliance indicating either that they have received a negative COVID-19 test result, that they will quarantine in Maine for 14 days, or that they have already completed their quarantine in Maine. This compliance form must be provided to check-in at all Maine lodging, campgrounds, seasonal rentals, overnight camps, and other commercial lodging, such as Airbnb. Visitors may be asked to furnish proof of the negative test result upon request. It will become effective July 1 (Stage 3) when lodging establishments may begin serving residents outside of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
  12. David. We should add some reflective strips and put some balls from our pool tables into the empty hatches of our boats if we want to be better lures. I have joked with a friend about posting nutritional information on the bottom of our boats.
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