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  1. I'm in. Thanks for organizing!
  2. 1. RocksNote how the basic rock symbol looks like a plus sign. This means a rock that's beneath the water surface all the time. A symbol that looks like an asterisk means the rock will uncover (become visible) at low tide. A plus sign with dots in the corners means the rock lies just beneath the surface, even at low tide.
  3. Fully affirm all Peter has said. Fit and comfort are critical. We can be wearing the helmet for upwards of 4 or more hours at a time. After trying numerous brands, I landed on the Sweet Protection Strutter model. Lots of adjustability and very important to me, it has a baseball cap like visor molded in for an increased level of sun protection. Admittedly, its not the cheapest.
  4. This was a great trip! One of the key objectives in taking the boat was to allow time to explore and appreciate the islands. It was more than met! The conditions on the outside were engaging. We paddled/noddled a little more than 9 nm. A highlight for me was the leisurely lunch on Smuttynose, within spitting distance of the scene of the Smuttynose murders, where we were entertained and educated with stories from one of the Islands "stewards" who was staying in "Haley House". On Amy's coaxing we visited the graves of Spanish sailors from a shipwreck in 1801 and the Haley family graveyard. I highly recommend the excursion if "Snyder Tours" offers it again!
  5. Haven't been in the area lately, but in a Google search found an interesting FAQ; Greenhead Fly FAQ | Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District (nemassmosquito.org) And, if it can be described as such, in referencing these menacing beasts...a somewhat clever and humorous piece on life with GHs Life in the Time of Greenheads – Historic Ipswich
  6. Can you pinpoint the location of the ebb you encountered with a bit more precision?
  7. I'm planning on the paddle. Probably not the potluck.
  8. Interested between now and mid-July. I have access to 2 entry level skis I can bring: Stellar S16S, Stellar S14S
  9. For sure Bill, subject to weekly availability.
  10. Thanks to all in organizing this. I found it particularly thought provoking. The tragedy experienced by the story of these two hikers is a memorial to assessing risk and opportunity. Ty handled the presentation with grace and respect. If you missed it, Ty's website contains more useful info. Ty Gagne, Author & Speaker (fullconditionsnh.com) Falling into the sport more than 10 years ago, the adage... you don't' know what you don't know, became an ever present and admittedly growing realty. I've found Sea Kayaking to be an extraordinary portal into a joy-filled yet highly challenging environment. I am so thankful that early on I was introduced to a coaching system that has not only focused on enhancing the technique but also, and importantly, identifying and assessing the human factors that can serve us well or at times contribute to unnecessary risks.
  11. Josco, If we ever end up in the same hemisphere I have the Astral Blue Jacket in both M/L and L/XL to try on. PFD Contents (Astral Blue Jacket) Exterior- Whistle, VHF, Hydration Pack, Small White Light Front Clamshell Pocket- Compass, Plastic Reflective Mirror, Knife, Suncreen, Repair Patch Kit, Clotting Sponge, Aspirin tabs (6), CPR Shield, Disposable Gloves, Wax Pencil, WP Notebook Side Pocket (left) - Electricians Tape, Flexible Plastic Sheet and Two Adjustable Shockcords for deck hatch repair/replacement Side Pocket (right) - Laser Flare, Mini Headlamp, Flashlight (All WP and each separately vacumn sealed) Hydration Pack (rear)- Hydration bladder and small Single Shelter Bag
  12. By the way Jim, love the paddle britches. Nice design.
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