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  1. Awestruck doesn't do my reaction to this report justice! Thanks for taking what I can only imagine as the painstaking effort to capture this extraordinary adventure... and sharing it. It's a poignant reminder that our sport goes way beyond planting a paddle in the water to include history, culture, skill development, weather impacts and mitigation, decision-making, nail-biting experience, good friends and much more.
  2. While Carl did sell Osprey, he continues to do repair work.
  3. I'm interested subject to location and launch time.
  4. Hi Tom, The boat has a flip-up rudder and twin venturi self-bailers. The carbon fiber venturi profiles can just be made out on the underside/hull about a third of the way back from the bow in the above picture. This review from paddling mag shows the color configuration (grey on white) provides specs and importantly shows the two plugs to the bailers just aft of the foot braces/pedals. The boat for sale is a 2018 Gen 1. Stellar Kayaks, S16S [Paddling Buyer's Guide] (paddlingmag.com) Cheers!
  5. This is Stellars first generation entry to mid-level Surf Ski. The Stellar 16' Surf Ski (S16S) is a transitional sit-on-top, stable enough for entry level and intermediate paddlers to feel comfortable, but fast enough for fitness paddling and racing! The open cockpit, rounded seat and 3-point footboard is very comfortable and responsive, keeping you on track to where you want to go. Two water tight hatches allow for modest storage for day tripping and overnight adventures. In the ocean, the S16S is a blast, easily catching waves and carving on the waves. The S16S's light weight makes it responsive to your power on the water and with its cockpit handles, it is a breeze to carry and car-top. Storage bag included. Weight: 35 lbs. Fiberglass Composite Colors: Gray on White Condition: Very Good. Stored indoors. Reason for Selling: Reducing the fleet. Paddling.com Review: Stellar 16' Surf Ski (S16S) Reviews - Stellar Kayaks… | Paddling.com Retail New: $2810 Asking: $900 obro
  6. I'm out. Work prevails. Sounds like a fun ride.
  7. Very likely. Will confirm Wednesday am early.
  8. Karen, I checked the nhparks site and there are plenty of spots. NO worries to simply show up.
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