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  1. Regretfully the 20th does not work for me. Enjoy!
  2. Furiously moving things around on my schedule.
  3. Interested! And as you asked, am available for weekdays.
  4. The Athena is the smart choice for smaller paddlers who have a low-angle style of paddling and prefer smaller blades. 220cm. Lightly used and in very good condition. MSRP: $415 For sale $200 obo. https://wernerpaddles.com/paddles/athena-2-piece-straight-shaft
  5. Werner's most advanced low-angle touring paddle with the conservative yet powerful feel of a mid-sized blade. 215 cm. Very good condition. MSRP:$415 For Sale: $200 obo https://wernerpaddles.com/paddles/kalliste-2-piece-straight-shaft
  6. EPIC Mid-Wing Club Carbon 205-215 Adjustable Paddle. This paddle has become a top choice for fitness and racing as well as touring paddlers looking to maximize their forward stroke. Paddle is in excellent condition. Bag included. Paddle weight: 26 oz. MSRP:$379 For Sale: $225 obo https://www.epickayaks.com/mid-wing-paddle
  7. Ikelos 210 2-Piece Straight Shaft Paddle. This is Werner's most advanced high-angle paddle with a full-sized blade. Standard Shaft diameter. Paddle has seen little use and is in excellent condition. MSRP: $415. For sale $225 obo. https://wernerpaddles.com/paddles/ikelos-2-piece-straight-shaft
  8. Jim, After thinking I was mitigating an anticipated low charge and routinely cradling my radio, having a battery fail, I had a similar conversation with a tech and now follow Gary's practice. I may have to charge the radio twice per season if I've mistakenly left it on between paddles.
  9. Liz, So sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing as a reminder to the rest of us. Like, Andy wrote these stories abound. Like Joe, I had a close call. It prompted me to look for an alternative to the longer lines like Prudence referenced. See links below. One is bolt on under the hood, but the challenge on many vehicles is the amount of plastic. The "quick loop strap" allows it to be positioned under the hood, trunk or tailgate with no tools required. With every best wish for speedy repairs! https://www.thule.com/en-us/winter-and-water-sports-carriers/kayak-roof-rack-accessories/thule-quick-loop-strap-_-530999 https://www.thule.com/en-us/winter-and-water-sports-carriers/kayak-roof-rack-accessories/thule-hood-loop-strap-_-529999
  10. Kokatat products, especially the GORE-TEX line get my two thumbs up! Initial quality, durability and customer service when needed have all been superb!
  11. Thanks Mike! On the wardrobe issue, the older I get reminders are always appreciated.
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