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  1. Josco, If we ever end up in the same hemisphere I have the Astral Blue Jacket in both M/L and L/XL to try on. PFD Contents (Astral Blue Jacket) Exterior- Whistle, VHF, Hydration Pack, Small White Light Front Clamshell Pocket- Compass, Plastic Reflective Mirror, Knife, Suncreen, Repair Patch Kit, Clotting Sponge, Aspirin tabs (6), CPR Shield, Disposable Gloves, Wax Pencil, WP Notebook Side Pocket (left) - Electricians Tape, Flexible Plastic Sheet and Two Adjustable Shockcords for deck hatch repair/replacement Side Pocket (right) - Laser Flare, Mini Headlamp, Flashlight (All WP and each separately vacumn sealed) Hydration Pack (rear)- Hydration bladder and small Single Shelter Bag
  2. By the way Jim, love the paddle britches. Nice design.
  3. Josko, I'm at a loss for recommendations for a well-stocked shop with a range of PFDs at this point. I've settled in on the Astral Blue Jacket that has served me well for leading and everyday paddling. I particularly like the side entry and the numerous storage options. I also like the fact that it does not feel overly bulky. At 5'8 165 lbs with a drysuit and layers, the Adult Medium/Large size has worked well. It's cousin, the Green Jacket is billed as a robust "river rescue pro vest." For fitness paddling I've settled on the Kokatat Orbit Tour model. Its a low volume pfd, with a small storage option and few friction points. I have the Medium size. Good Luck!
  4. I personally love the crossing. Have done it a number of times. That said... the novelty of throwing my kayak on a boat, great company on the ride out and being able to take in the islands at a leisurely pace sounds like a hoot!
  5. I'd be up for this... and if it works... anyone interested in Stellwagen Bank and whales?
  6. Jane, Picked up a tip along the way at one of NSPN's Cold Water workshops. I increase by 1-1.5 times my shoe size once I we hit drysuit weather. The suggestion was based on the combined fact that air is a natural insulator and tight shoes can restrict circulation. The larger size allows for the extra space for the drysuit booties and any extra socks or chemical full-sole warmers.
  7. Gary, Nice job! You've given me some ideas as I'm running out of wall space. Any tricks to keeping the edges clean and relatively neat as you poured over the edge of the chart /table?
  8. Omg! I will never complain about a cramped cockpit again. Thanks Gary!
  9. Bill, I've had Hullavators on both sides of my vehicle for years with an exaggerated "hang over". No question but that it calls for extra attention. That said, I've never had concern about traffic. I drive a mini van so I pay attention to overhead clearances and do watch when pulling close to buildings or parked vehicles. As far as stability goes I've had no concerns. Be glad to jump on a Zoom call and talk a bit more. I swear by them. David
  10. Hi Liz, I've found the Black Diamond Storm to be reliable and friendly to the wallet. It also carries a level of waterproof certification. https://www.rei.com/product/117628/black-diamond-storm-headlamp I also keep one of these in my PFD in a vacuum sealed bag should darkness ever be a surprise. https://www.petzl.com/US/en/Sport/CLASSIC-headlamps/ePLUSLITE Outdoor Gear Labs has tested dozens... https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/topics/camping-and-hiking/best-headlamp
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