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  1. I didn't know my simple inquiry would elicit so many wonderful, detailed and humorous responses...I should have known better considering the NSPN gene pool ! I think this quote may apply here, "The life of the mind, the life of the genome and the gene pool are characterised alike in this way by change, and change which feeds on the random." Thanks all for the info and joy of reading your responses! One of the reasons I asked my original question, is that I was envious of all the kayaking related apps Warren had on his iphone...my phone is less organized and I have bookmarked the actual web sites for weather, current, etc., appearing to be no where near has handy, to be as user friendly. Since I was positioned to be upgrading everything, I thought I would seek opinions, advice, counsel or whatever may come my way and ...voila, it did! Cheers, Sue
  2. Hi All, It's time for me to upgrade my phone (droid razor max, really like it) and computers (lenovo think pad & a dell...love the lenovo...hate the dell). I'm wondering if folks have opinions about the droids vs the iphones for kayaking apps and usage. I'm thinking about the new Surface as a tablet/computer option and ditch the dell...I'm also thinking about going to the dark side and switching all... to iphone, ipad and mac (possibly air). Thoughts? Thanks and Cheers, Sue
  3. I wear my silk long johns under my dry suit when it gets too warm for fleece or wool...so it extends the time I can comfortably wear the dry suit during that transition time when the water is still cold, but the air is increasingly warm. I always wore silk long johns under my down hill ski wear when I used to ski and there was some additional insulating factor...but that was in dry (other than sweat) conditions. Silk can tear easily, so stress on underarm and other areas of friction can cause seams to pull or tear away at the seams. Sue Hriciga
  4. Hi Peter and All, I am interested, but could not arrive until Friday pm and would have to leave late afternoon on Sunday. Is there anyone else coming that would have the same restrictions? I may be able to get Monday off from work so I could have that extra day or possibly the Friday instead. Looking forward to hearing from other folks, Sue
  5. Hi Everyone, Looking forward to seeing all! Planning to bring lots of roasted veggies. Cheers, Sue
  6. Thanks Brian, Dan, Christopher and Peter for your feedback and experience. I will use this info to guide further research. So glad to be able to narrow the choices before opening my wallet! Cheers, Sue
  7. Hey Folks, I'm looking to buy binoculars and like this Nikon 7x50 OceanPro, (optional with or without a compass). I thought I remembered a message board binocular discussion from a year or two ago, but could not find it with a search. Does anyone have experience with these binoculars or have recommendations for binoculars to be used as part of a navigation kit? Thanks, Sue Hriciga
  8. Hi Rob, We had a sudden death of a 40 yr old teacher at school this week and I want to go to the funeral, so I will not be able to join you this weekend. Sue
  9. Hi Rob, If you have space for another paddler/worker, I would like to join you. Are you planning for each person to organize their own food, or are we coordinating meals? Thanks, Sue
  10. Hello All, I'll come along too! Sue Hriciga Cetus LV Yellow over white
  11. Hi Doug, I am planning to join you too. (I helped you with your helmet the other night at Seabrook Surf Session.) Sue Hriciga Cetus LV (yellow w/ blue trim over white)
  12. Hi Bob, Was planning to join you on the 6th and after to head up to Boothbay, but now that it is the 7th, I'll catch up with you next time! Sue
  13. Hi Ross and Sal, May be available, waiting on other tenative plans. If I join you, are you lauching for same beach? Sue Hriciga
  14. Hi Doug, Yes-Yes, I'll be there @10:00! Cheers, Sue
  15. Hi All, Are there any folks planning to paddle Tuesday? Sue Hriciga Cetus Lv Yellow over White
  16. Hi Rob, I'll join L2+, see you there! Cheers, Sue Hriciga
  17. Hi Rob, I'll be joining your group, unless directed otherwise! Looking forward to the paddling and ruckus. Sue Hriciga
  18. Hi Folks, Had planned on attending Moving-on-the-Water#2, enjoyed #1 and thanks to everyone involved. Have an opportunity to paddle in Maine this weekend...so change of plans...will not be attending session 2. Enjoy, Sue Hriciga
  19. Prior to the CAM session I stated I would attend all 3 sessions, but I say it again as a reminder. And Thanks! Sue Hriciga
  20. Thanks Everyone. I would like to attend all 3 sessions. Sue Hriciga
  21. I would like to try overnights sometime this summer...so I'll be there! Is there anything you would like us to bring? Thanks for this opportunity, Sue
  22. QUOTE(Kevin B @ Aug 21 2009, 08:43 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The FRP session this week will be held at Dolliber Cove in Marblehead and start around 6pm. Plan is to practice/observe rock play and RRR (Rollin, Rough water Rescue . It's time to get wet
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