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  1. Well done Joe ! I know this personal achievement took lots of time, study & dedication to the craft of sea kayaking. I & the Club, through the many posted NSPN events, have benefited from your commitment & enthusiasm. Congrats & Thank You ! Cheers, Sue
  2. Nancy, pls text pics to 978-257-0452. May I try it on ? Sue
  3. Thank you Joe, just read the article. I will be returning to my cotton masks as well.
  4. Hi Folks, Has anyone launched from this ramp in Salem, at the Danvers River ? What was experience ? Thanks, Sue
  5. Thanks Dan ! Unfortunately I was not available last night for basic weather, but likely a repeat of other workshops. I plan to register for some of the others and I passed this info on to my brother, who recently bought a fancy power boat. Needless to say he does not drive a hybrid car !
  6. Yes, I am posed to jump in, should someone drop out. Thanks.
  7. Hi Prudence, I see you have a full group, but if anyone drops out, let me know. Right now I can do Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Also, who do we contact to reserve a parking space? Best, Sue
  8. Hi Joe, I completed my wavier/registration, yet I do not see it in google docs shared with me. Did you receive it? Thanks, for all you do. Sue
  9. Hi Joe, unless Maine changes their quarantine date effective through end of August, we won’t be able to conduct this club trip. Are you considering changing the date to Sept in the hope that the quarantine will not be extended . Best, Sue
  10. Hi Dan, Thanks again for setting up this social hour. I followed your latest instructions above, however the message under the mtg title continued to state after several attempts, “ waiting for the host to start mtg” Any suggestions? Thanks, Sue
  11. Thanks Dan for offering this fun, virtual gathering. I was not able to "attend", yet hope to join the next social hour. Thanks again Dan, we really appreciate your creativity !
  12. Hello NSPN Members, Yesterday, for the second time this winter, our Haverhill Pool Session was canceled. The High School is experiencing a shortage of Certified Life Guards. They will be conducting certification classes at some point to increase the number of available guards. This move is unlikely to help us this season. Are there an NSPN’ers out there, or their friends or family, who are certified life guards who may be available for pool session (to be paid by Haverhill High)? If so, PM me and I will forward your info the the appropriate contact person. Thanks, Sue
  13. John Huth : Weather for Sea Kayakers 2/22/20 By Sue H., 48 minutes ago in General Message Board John Huth once again has volunteered his time to present a workshop for NSPN members to understand weather and how these apply to sea kayaking. John is a long time NSPN member, and has a unique set of qualifications to present on this subject as he is both a physics professor/lecturer at Harvard University and an accomplished kayaker. Additionally, he is the author "The Lost Art of Finding Our Way”, a book exploring the strategies employed by early travelers through techniques of the modern era. John's past weather courses have broadly covered weather topics such as: the approach of warm and cold fronts, how to read cloud formations, wind, the air circulation around high and low pressure systems, and how to evaluate weather signs. Members have come away from past workshops with a heightened understanding and appreciation of the physical forces that affect us while on the water. The session will run from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. This workshop will be held in the Meeting Room ( rear of the store) at REI, 279 Salem St, Reading, MA. Please sign up in calendar as The Meeting Room has limited capacity. Quote Edit P&H Cetus LV yellow over white
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