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  1. Sue H.

    5/15/2019: Wednesday Lunch Paddle in Marblehead

    Thanks for the clarification, withdrawing my interest, I've made other plans.
  2. Sue H.

    Paddling Woods Hole

    Very interested and looking forward to hearing more about trip and dates of travel !
  3. Sue H.

    5/15/2019: Wednesday Lunch Paddle in Marblehead

    I'm interested, but would like to venture out of the harbor for part of the route.
  4. Sue H.

    Experience paddling Vinalhaven ?

    Also, I think I missed saying thanks to Peter & Prudence. I may have questions going forward and greatly appreciate all the feedback. I would like to journey for more days, yet I may have to consider a shorter trip. 🌊😎
  5. Sue H.

    Experience paddling Vinalhaven ?

    Thanks so much Steve for all the detail!
  6. Sue H.

    Experience paddling Vinalhaven ?

    Thanks Ed ! Yes, when looking at the chart, I have had great curiosity regarding the area.
  7. Sue H.

    Experience paddling Vinalhaven ?

    Thanks Gary !
  8. Hi Everyone, I am interested in gathering people's prior experience paddling Vinalhaven. I am interested in paddling that area this summer for approximately 3 days. What can you tell me about the must sees or anything you thin is important. Thanks, Sue
  9. Sue H.

    Weekday Paddles and Greetings

    Hi Tom, Myself and several other members are either retired, have flexibility being self employed or have days off during the week. You may have seen the weekly paddles on Wed., which start n May. Hopefully others who are available during the week will reply and let you know of their availability! Welcome and Happy Paddling, Sue Hriciga
  10. Hey Dan, great idea! I will be there. Are you planning to just copy a Maptech chart or are you downloading a NOAA chart and printing? Thanks, Sue
  11. Sue H.

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Hi Folks, Sorry to say I have to pull out, family duties prevail. I had planned to paddle & then leave for NY the following morn before sunrise. I just became aware of an MD appt. my mom has next Thursday that I want to attend, so I'll be leaving a handful of days sooner than expected. I hope to see you all on the water soon. Enjoy! Sue
  12. Hi John, No need to be sorry. Your contributions, via knowledgeable presentations, suggested books & online references, and your personal workshop documents are greatly appreciated and respected. NSPN is lucky indeed ! Best, Sue
  13. Sue H.

    Fire and Ice: A Boston Harbor Geology Tour

    Please add me to a wait list...even though I have set my notifications for all new posts, my notifications are not consistent. I had really been looking forward to this paddle.
  14. Sue H.

    Swim & Fin 2019

    Thanks Rob, I am hoping to be away for the first 3 weeks of August, stitching trips together. However, if that doesn't work out, I would like to support this event.
  15. Sue H.

    Swim & Fin 2019

    Hi Folks, Does anyone have any experience volunteering (as a safety paddler) for this event ? Thanks, Sue