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  1. Very very good condition romany classic. Never abused. Lovely boat, custom colour. Located in Maine…. Where the paddling is the best. Send messages for additional information or pictures or email [email protected]
  2. Bear in mind… if you do plan on going to Petit Manaan Light (Eels posting) it is a long paddle and you can not stop and get out of the boats on the island.
  3. I have a gently virtually unused fiberglass Werner Sherpa for sale too! 215
  4. As far as I know snapdragon is out of business
  5. That’s going to be a mighty fine boat when you’re done
  6. If the boats not full (and I am back) I would like to join in on the fun.
  7. Anybody remember Bugeye tuliqs? size medium, neoprene. Fits keyhole cockpit. in maine... you pay shipping. good condition, but one wear spot in hood that needs a neoprene patch or a goretex patch. If you want I could patch with goretex.
  8. I have an Werner Shuna 210 for sale - also posted. in the Bangor area
  9. This is an excellent PFD and for a good price for its condition (brand new) call or text 207 356 1364 or email [email protected]
  10. Sorry guys from South of the border. Even if you want to do a day trip to the maine islands ( or the Allagash ) the 14 day quarantine still stands. Makes your day trip pretty long.
  11. I agree with Ed. Read up on Greenland paddles. They have been popular for hundreds of years. Kind and gentle on the joints. And I think even that 220 is too long for you.
  12. S/M MsFit tour. Pretty much brand new. Just worn a few times. One of kokatats top PFDs. Blue. https://kokatat.com/product/msfit-tour-pfd-lvumft.
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