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Fifth Annual Downeast Paddle Retreat , Mount Desert Island


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NSPN Downeast Paddle Retreat; Mount Desert Island
September 7-10, 2018 

Initiator: Peter Brady 

This will be the fifth  annual Downeast Paddle Retreat for NSPN. 
There will be a trip posting in the Trips /events Forum in early 2018. 
As in the last four years, this four day  event will span the weekend after Labor Day,  beginning  on Friday morning Sept 7  , and will  wind down on Monday afternoon, September 10  

Information will be updated in the weeks and months approaching the event, and a trip posting will be on the Trips/Event forum of the  message board in early 2018.  

Every day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday,  Monday) we will organize group paddles in the area  around Mt.Desert Island. Friday will be an all -day paddle , so participants usually arrive on Thursday evening, although members are welcome to  any or all of the four days they are able to attend .  

Monday is a travel day for most participants, so there can be a paddle the first half of the day, with travel home on Monday afternoon. 
Our base of operations will be at LLangolan Inn, on Rt 3 near Hadley Point, between the bridge to the island and downtown Bar Harbor.

Accommodations and food are on your own. There will be a pot luck  in the barn at LLangolan on Saturday night.
Some recommended lodging :
LLangolan Inn: our base of operations: Many participants from last year have already booked the eight  cabins , and there are rooms available in the inn. 
Hadley Point Campground: for those who prefer camping, this campground is adjacent to Llangolan on Hadley Point Road
Eden Village: a  cottage resort similar to LLangolan, a short ways away on Rte 3.


Please PM PeterB with questions, interest. Or email at pbrady at neaq.org  We'll develop an information sheet with details on the event and the area, to share with RSVPs as plans develop ..


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