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  1. Glad you're OK. I wandered by a Subaru wagon the other day that had the flush roof rails (maybe a 2018?). Being in New England, the awd is a nice benefit and if, note if, Subby has moved past their funky roof rack from the past several years then that might be ideal. Worth a look anyway. Phil ps: not recommending VW as one of the folks burned by diesel gate. Doesn't mean it too might not work.
  2. To expand on Rob's excellent introduction, for the classroom sessions we're thinking to try something a little different and focus on what would I like to know before going on or proposing a trip? Hopefully, with the knowledge of the participants and the facilitators (Rob, Lorrie Allen, Bob Levin and I at this point) we can make these sessions useful for folks new to ocean paddling as well as experienced club members. Looking forwards to seeing you there. Phil
  3. Hey Rob I'm interested. Phil
  4. Once again Pru, another amazing trip report from looks like an amazing place. Phil
  5. You're asking a lot from us NSPN'ers if you expect us to be reasonable. ;-)
  6. Hi Rob, sent you PM. Phil
  7. Thanks Rob. I'd missed that "in stock" part before. -Phil
  8. Rob, can you post an update on availability? Thanks. Phil
  9. When we did this last spring, we had multiple instructors willing to work at the level of the folks who showed up. If I recall, it was the same day as the new to sea kayaking workshop so we had some beginners. Having different "pods" focusing on different things seemed to work OK. And our beginner pod did OK with vectors, even though that word never got used ;-) . Phil
  10. Sadly Lorrie and I have nasty colds and won't be joining you. Enjoy and stay warm. phil
  11. might be up for that. Keep us in the loop. Phil
  12. Thanks all. Thought about the Hullavator, but it doesn't work with the aero bars (even Thule) that are the only choice for my 2016 car. The roof rails do run all the way back to the lift gate, so I'm thinking of using yakima's combined roller/saddle in the back. With 2 folks to load, should be strait forward, but if its just me, I'll probably need to rest the bow on a foam pad or something before sliding it up from the stern. Happy Holidays to all. Phil
  13. Leon I still need to think more about your details, but I'm suspicious of your 9 knots of wind in the face being equal to 2knots of contrary current. Practical experience and numerous publications would suggest that it would take close to 20-25 knots of wind to get a 2knot boat drift. Happy holidays! Phil
  14. nothing quite that big Jason. Went with this one: The "connect" part makes it the mini mini-van. Phil Ps and if I had your height I'd just lift the boats on from the side. It's about the same height as the truck. ;-)
  15. Hi Michael We've got the previous J-cradles from Yakima, which we've used as stackers with boats on both sides in the past. But that makes a very tall load as you mention. Mostly looking for inspiration on what others have done. best Phil