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kayak for a 4 ft, 50 lb kid


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I have a Picollo. It worked great for my son. It is a low cost solution (plastic) , the Impex mystic is one classier solution (fiberglass). The Picollo is available for $150

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Hi all - would anyone have a small kayak for a 4ft, 50 lb kid that i could borrow or possibly buy? Perhaps a piccolo or something similar?

I'm in Arlington



Hi Karen,

I think we had this conversation last year :-) I got a Perception Scout for my now 7 year old that would be perfect. We havent started to use it yet so you are welcome to borrow it. We live one town over in Medford.

If you decide you like it Doug Kirk (smskn.org) may still have it's twin for sale.


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Email sent.


I'm intersted in your Piccolo. What's the condition like? Any tears in the seat? Float bags?

Email or Pm me

ryan dot dee at earthlink dot net

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