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Congratulations Sing!


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Congratulations to Sing who finished third in the intermediate division at the Santa Cruz Kayak Surfing Competition this past weekend. Given that Sing was competing in conditions bigger than what we usually see around here, in a rented plastic boat, and in a venue that draws some of the best kayak surfers in the world, this is an impressive showing!

Way to go Sing!

Here he is at the awards ceremony on Sunday:


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Terrific! Congratulations, Sing.

Downside -- you can longer claim to be a clueless beginner at surfing, or even a clueless intermediate! ;-))) And when are you going to offer that class in surfing with short boats (not that you don't do a lot of informal 1-1 teaching already)?


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Guest guest

Congratulations Sing, you've really developed a great talent.

Can you tell us about the event? (does Sing look at this web site?)

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I had a really good time doing SC again. Surfing is kind of specialized but safer than WW (in my opinion). If anyone wants to try, let me know I have boats that fit small to medium paddlers.

The Northern New England Surf kayakers' group will likely hold a NNE expression session (just a surf get together) sometime in late April or May, when water and air temps get warmer. We'll post something when things get more concrete.

Tim Stratz made some good connections with the west coast surfing elite out at Santa Cruz. Some good things may come out of this in the near and immediate future in terms of more accessible equipment for NE folks. I think we got a good start on things and when combined with the ongoing efforts of RISK (Rhode Island Surf Kayakers), we may well have a nice scene in New England for those interested in this sport of "dancing on waves." I very excited about the possibilities. :)


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