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Spray Skirt recomendation


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I'd like some feedback on the relative suitability of the Seals Extreme Tour vs. Snapdragon. I have had Snapdragon for years and while they eventually tear I've had great support from the company who repairs them without charge. The Seals looks like they are reinforced better however around the cockpit rim area. Also if there are any Explorer or Romany owners out there with Seals sprayskirts, should I special order as the web site recommends or is the standard 1.4 just fine? I currently own three boats and would not be happy having to purchase more than one if necessary.

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We still have our original Snapdragon spray skirts and they are still intact. I like the way the work on glass boats, but use a reinforced skirt on my plastic boat, as they tend to slide off when I lean or roll. The thing about the reinforced skirt is that it is a real challenge to put on in the cold. While that means the Snapdragon survived <100% use the other skirt went through instruction and leader training (by Dee) and remains intact. So in a nutshell, it comes down to if you think the reinforced skirt is easy enough to put on.

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Hey Gene,

As you know I have a Romany as well and use a Snapdragon, Ocean Tour Flirt EXP. I have been out on the water a lot this spring and really like this spray skirt. It goes on really well in cold temps and comes off very well during wet exits in cold water. I am planning to add a second one as a back up. The main point I want to stress is how the "Flirt" version has been great for me versus the standard Ocean Tour EXP. Once I discovered the value of the Kokatat MsFit Tour PFD to aid my torso rotation, I applied a similar logic to the spray skirt. The reduced height on the tube top is great for my body and helps with my torso rotation. I have not discovered any down side to this design. Just a thought to consider.


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