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Rescue hooks


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Some kayakers favor these blades as their rescue knives. Anybody out there with experience/knowledge who can make a recommendation?



bryan nystrom is a big proponent of the 5 series model...it's small, easy to keep handy and requires little force to cut. the testing that benchmade has performed showing the required forces to cut using their product vs more conventional knives is a compelling argument for their product.

Personally i like shears and my argument/reasoning is that it's just as handy, cheap, one handed use and requires no tension to cut...you provide the tension with the action of the shears.

i would be curious to see similar testing using sea snips or other emergency shears but until i see something as compelling as the testing benchmade has done for the military, i'd say theirs is the better argument.

6/12 or half...po-tay-toe/po-tah-toe...take your pick.

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If you go for the type 5 hook, plan on rigging a strap/buckle or hook/loop to keep the knife in the sheath. While the hard sheath does a pretty good job of holding the knife in place, it's still pretty easy to have it get jossled loose in a rescue.


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