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Frigid Temps lead to weight loss


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Yeah, but just think how much better acclimated you'll be for those cold water paddles!

No gasp reflex and 20 pounds lighter - what could be better!


Another excuse to be cheep with the house heating.

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Even if it forces the body to adapt to cold by cranking up the calorie burn, the negative aspects of cold weather outshadow any potential weight loss. If you live where it's more comfortable (warmer) for outdoor recreation, you tend to do more of it.

It's no accident that people in sunny, warm (but not too hot) places like southern CA are generally leaner than those in colder places. Just look around you when you're there. The beaches and mountains are crowded because people are out recreating, all year 'round. You can say truthfully that the "bikini effect" makes them more likely to work at not getting pudgy, but the fact remains that folks there are hiking, biking, swimming, surfing, paddling, playing tennis, and all kinds of other stuff. And they look pretty darned happy while they're doing it; it's not just about avoiding fatness.

Which is not to say that being in less-easy climates is an automatic sentence to obesity. There are snow sports for those who actually like cold rather than make themselves endure it.

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maybe it's just because it's California. The fattest state in the union is Mississippi. They get plenty of warm weather. :-)

then perhaps it is the dry & hot weather, or perhaps simply having really nice places to hike & such.

having just moved from Boston to Las Vegas, I can certainly vouch that there appears to be a different

species of human out here.

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Maybe it's just Mississippi. OK, I shouldn't let one bad experience there taint my outlook on the state.

Seriously, income level and diets probably have more to do with obesity than cold temperatures. Though hot and humid are almost as bad (to me) as frigid and snowy.

Besides, fried green tomatoes sure taste good...I'll take them over California rolls any day. ;-)

The fattest state in the union is Mississippi. They get plenty of warm weather. :-)

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