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Skookumchuck with a stick


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More eye candy of Warren with his white Illusion and a GP.

Too bad the Illusion, which was reviewed recently by Seakayaker, is not a boat that is readily available in New England.

Ed Lawson

Who makes do with 15 year old WS AH, but lusts for another AA

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btw, I don't understand why we make distinctions between using a stick or a Euro here. A stick is not a handicap. Obviously.

Emilie and I get a lot of comments about taking sticks out in surf or rocks, doing the Blackburn with sticks, or paddling a (almost) racing tandem with sticks. ...or taking a racing tandem into surf and rocks with sticks. ;) There are a lot of people who are surprised that these combinations work well and tend to think that sticks and qajaqs are only for rolling.

...I still need a qajaq.



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