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Cold Water Paddling Info


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For a really great easy to understand online article about the art of layering, please take a look at: http://www.rei.com/expertadvice/articles/dress+layers.html (all info applies until you get to the shell area. Outer shells options are more limited and the goal is to find a breathable durable shell garment. Here is the plug here – Kokatat offers the most durable breathable garments for our purpose and they are covered by a “life of the garment†warranty.

And for some light reading:

http://www.sportsscientists.com/2008/01/ex...ld-part-ii.html This link is a great article about cold water exposure and points out that the worry is not hypothermia but cold shock response and training your body to overcome it.

http://www.seagrant.umn.edu/coastal_commun...pothermia#treat This link is a great article about hypothermia.

Here is a great article about cold water paddling and it comes from Atlantic Coastal Kayaker. For their online link: http://www.atlantickayaktours.com/pages/ex...rt-center.shtml then click on cold water safety.

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and dont forget the video "cold water bootcamp" . Really illustrates the effects of sudden cold water immersion on otherwise fit and competent people. It's on Youtube here:


Always beneficial to review this clip from time to time. Thanks for the reminder Phil.

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The NSPN site itself also has a nice article http://www.nspn.org/hypothermia.htm

There is an article in the most recent SeaKayaker magazine about an incident off Halifax Island which is up near Jonesport and Machias. Written by Ray Wirth who is a guide and all around nice person with a good deal of experience up there. It is a very sobering tale of just how fast things can go downhill even in the summer, how it is easy to get lax about dressing adequately, how hard things can get when confronted with novel situations, and how you can be confronted with very hard choices when it hits the fan. Worth the read.

Even in summer the water up there is in low 50s so I guess it is a worthwhile read about the dangers of cold water paddling.

Voss...how do you like the F1? I paddled several times this year with someone from MA who also had an F1. It seemed to work very well for them. Not an East Coast type of boat, but so what. Also in the same issue is an article from Kiliii Yu who used an F1 prototype(?) to do a month long solo paddle on the outside of Vancouver Island living off the land basically. Great story.

Ed Lawson

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Voss...how do you like the F1?

I just launched it October 1st! So far I mostly really like it. I love its light weight. I love how it surfs little wind waves. It has definitely become my default boat for ocean day trips.

:lol: Unfortunately on some of my recent AMC and Meetup trips, I'm not getting as much exercise as I used to, since I keep having to wait for people to catch up. :lol:

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Sorry, I will not be joining you on Sunday. I banged my leg up today and it still hurts, I can't straighten or flex completely. Have fun all. See you at the holiday party :t7819:

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