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Cape Ann S&G Sunday


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Walter Mears and I will be getting out somewhere on Cape Ann on Sunday. Anyone who'd like to join us is welcome.

Sunday appears to be the better of the two days:

Sun: W Winds 15 to 20 kt. Seas 3 to 5 Ft.

Pebble or Back Beach . . . Straitsmouth and Thatcher's . . .

If the buoy readings are out of control Sunday morning, and depending on how those interested feel ahead of time, we could always default to the Annisquam River and make a lazy day of it. I mean, there's no rule we have to risk life and limb every time out. We'll accommodate.

This is obviously and unofficial trip. Also, the water's getting frickin' freezing, so drysuits are a must, along with neoprene on head, hands and feet.

Let us know . . .


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Back Beach at 10:00 am is fine.

Let's do it. All aboard that's coming aboard!

For those who don't know where it is, rough directions:

Take Rt. 128 through the second rotary to Eastern Ave. (Rt. 127) where you turn left. Follow 127 until the 4 way fork then continue straight. When you reach the ocean, you're there.

My cell phone is 617-283-7665 if anybody gets lost.

There should be plenty of non-metered spots, but better be safe and bring some quarters just in case. I think three bucks usually does it.

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