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CAM Exercise-Advanced Planning


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I have been unable to participate (as student) in the CAM workshops, but thought I should do something that might be of some value given my pontifications about being an active paddler. Peter's post on somewhat related thread about advance planning started some gears turning. This is the result.

For those participating in the CAM workshops, the following is a little exercise on advanced planning. I have attached a PDF of a chart showing a proposed trip to take place this Sat. The grid will let you estimate distances, but total trip is @10.7NM. Launch time 1000.

Tides at South Freeport: High 0557 Low 1209 High 1833

The current Casco Bay marine forecast is: SAT...SE WINDS 5 TO 15 KT...BECOMING SW 10 TO 15 KT. SEAS 2 TO


The current Portland land forecast is: temps around 70, SE winds to 8mph, and 30% chance of rain.

Questions to consider:

1. What would the NSPN trip level be for this paddle and why?

2. How would you describe trip and potential issues to person asking to participate?

3. Where are points that might require special care and why?

4. For what type of paddlers is this trip suitable?

5. Based on current forecast what might be the conditions on the trip?

6. Where might conditions be roughest on trip?

7. Where are bailout points and/or alternative routes?

8. Where might "safe harbors" be if needed should conditions get dramatically worse?

9. Assuming average on water speed of 2.2Kts and total rest stops of 1.5hrs, what is ETA for return to launch site?

10. Where would keeping group closely together be most important?

11. Any wildlife issues to be concerned with?

12. What points would you emphasize at the beach briefing that are specific to this trip as opposed to general considerations.

13. What is the NOAA WX channel to monitor during this trip?

I'm sure there are more things to consider, but its a start.

With luck, I'll post a follow up on Sunday to report on the reality so we can compare it with planning.

Ed Lawson


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What no compass bearings for dead reckoning in-case of fog? :thinking:

Just kidding Ed this is a great trip plan and lots of great questions. I'll ponder it and send you my answers.


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