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Breached Beach Briefing?

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Experienced Level 3+ member paddler, having attended all-day CAM classroom session, eagerly anticipates advancing rescue and towing techniques in on-water followup later this morning.

Said male, about to celebrate his 58th, with known acute episode of confirmed diverticulitis 15 years ago, overeats his budding daughter-chef's marvelous blueberry cake, following it by late night arrival of wife's soft-shell crab and pasta leftovers he finds irresistible. An uncomfy night ensues, followed by two days of bloated-ness and telltale tenderness in lower left quadrant.

Two days of liquid diet doesn't resolve mild lagging pain, so our buddy hits the doc for an x-ray to confirm no abdominal breach, and to pick up a pair of antibiotics, started the eve of the big paddling day.

His lovely wife grabs a fresh chicken at TJ's and brews up a remarkable pot of chicken soup, and with copious amounts of Diet Coke we find our eager beaver up at 7AM feeling surprisingly reinvigorated, three pounds lighter, and perhaps ready to rescue!


Diverticulitis is an acute inflammation of diverticuloses (outpockets of the large intestine/colon) caused by trapped food that's caused infection. Usual recourse is a clear diet, antibiotics and bedrest if pain is acute. Risk is if a diverticulosis ruptures the abdominal cavity quickly becomes infected as sepsis ensues, causing very acute, INCAPACITATING pain, and only a short window of opportunity for emergent surgical repair before shock and awe (death).

Recovery with antibiotics is usually pretty rapid, confirmed by lessening of rebound pain following abdominal pressure applied (such as a quick release of a belt, like a PFD strap or tow belt!).

Doc's rec: "Gee, maybe you don't want to seakayak if you're sick. There'll be plenty of other opportunities later." doesn't prove totally convincing, as patient feels pretty good at this hour.

Paddler has been undernourished for three days, but brings ample clear liquids (that amazing chicken soup and lots of Diet Coke) to paddle with.


Stamina compromised by lack of nourishment.

Sudden or large stresses from bracing or rescues could possibly result in rupturing infected area; whether having gut bound by tightened PFD straps is an asset or liability is a complete unknown. Antibiotics only in 2nd day of 7-10 day course.

Slight lightheadedness probably caused by interrupted sleep and lack of nourishment compromises judgement.


We'll see....

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I also meant to say, sorry and hope you have a speedy recovery. guess this just struck a nerve. My mother didn't do anything special to bring on the rupture and it was not pleasant from there... but she was on meds that aggravated the issues.

Get better quick.

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Doc's rec: "Gee, maybe you don't want to seakayak if you're sick. There'll be plenty of other opportunities later." doesn't prove totally convincing, as patient feels pretty good at this hour.


I won't say you didn't miss a fantastic training session, with rope tows, rescues, forward AND BACKWARD traversing of rock passages in conditions, contact tows in conditions, seal launches, and some sort of group grope in which we had to play musical kayaks on the ocean! But, come on....the ocean is not going anywhere (and you might go somewhere without necessary caution). The doc is right.


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So sorry for your woes, but There will be another opportunity for more of the same in two weeks. While your presence was missed today a report of your recovery will be more appreciated indeed.

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