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Thought people might be interested to see ROW HARD NO EXCUSES on public television this Saturday at both 8pm and midnight. Tom Mailhot lives in Ipswich, MA and has won the Blackburn Challenge many times. Great movie for us paddling and rowing enthusiasts.

Airing 4/24/2010 @ 8:00 PM

Here is the NHPTV description:

The Atlantic Rowing Challenge is a race for hard-core rowers. It is an event for those who crave an adventure and are willing to pay for it financially, physically and emotionally. At $19,000 to enter, and another $150,000 to build the boat, it takes every ounce of crazy determination to row non-stop from the Canary Islands to Barbados. Those who cross the finish line first get a trophy, but if a rower abandons the race en route, he is required to burn his boat. John Zeigler and Tom Mailhot, the only US team in the race -- and at 51 and 41, among the oldest competitors -- enter the race with high hopes of winning. But their grueling journey was underestimated, and their quest offered one major obstacle after another. With a camera in nearly every boat, director Luke Wolbach pieces together the story of the race -- tragedies and triumphs alike -- and assembles a portrait of perseverance under the most extreme circumstances. 2007 Must See Award at MountainFilm in Telluride. 2007 Best Sports Action Film at Jackson Hole Film Festival. 2007 Best Storytelling In A Documentary at Nantucket Film Festival. 2007 Best Documentary at New Hampshire Film Festival. 2008 Best Sports Action Film at Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival. 2008 Best Sports Film at Tiburon International Film Festival.

Program Length: 56 Minutes 55 Seconds

Educational Recording Rights: One-year rights for teachers to tape.

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Thank you for the heads-up, Nancy! I am delighted to know that this film is now complete -- some of us saw the unedited, raw footage some years ago when Tom showed it locally. It was very impressive and the finished article should be wonderful, I am guessing...

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Thanks Nancy.....I'll definitely try and catch it.

It doesn't seem to be on in my area. If anybody knows when it will be on WGBH please post it!

Thanks -Jason
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Don't stay in to watch this movie tonight unless you have an antenna. I know nothing about these things but someone posted this on the meetup and it is correct (I just learned).

"Correction for "Row Hard, No Excuses" documentary, April 24"

For those of you watching the documentary "Row Hard, No

Excuses" tomorrow night, I just talked to my friend who rowed

in the race, and he just found out that it is actually going to

be aired on NH Public Television Explorer, 11.3, rather than

cable. I think you need an antennae versus cable, which

apparently was a network mistake. I think it will be aired

again on cable later on the spring."

I apologize for the confusion.


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