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Need your help - no time/no real effort, 5th Annual New to Sea Kayaking Workshop


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This is the annual appeal for your help in spreading the word about the "5th Annual New to Sea Kayaking Workshop". Sunday, May 2. Some ideas:

  • Print out and post the attached flyer. If you do post at a public location, you might let everyone know here so we don't duplicate efforts. Consider outdoor stores/outfitters, kayak shops, food stores, gyms. Heidi pointed out last year that "Seems like I've had the best response for posting things at coffee shops and fitness centers." See a list of some of last year's places below.
  • Mention the workshop to friends, colleagues, spin class members (I had great luck this way last year), the person next to you at a kayak shop who seems like a beginner, the police officer who pulls you over for not having a white flag on the end of your 28 foot ocean crossing sea kayak, etc.
  • Email the friend who always wanted to become a sea kayaker.
  • Heidi also suggested last year "Ever been at a put in - or anywhere for that matter - with your kayak on top of your car and someone asks you where you kayak and how you find folks to kayak with? Perfect opportunity to hand them a flyer for our beginners workshop!!!

Some of last year's posting:




North Shore Kayak.



City Sports

Wilderness House


LL Bean

West Marine

Marathon Sports


Metro Fitness


Sports Authority

Trader Joes (said they would put it in their staff room)

Me and Ollie's Exeter (and Rye on Rte 33?)

Olympia Sports

On the Vine (community bulletin board)

Stop & Shop (community bulletin board)

Elements Diet & Fitness

Thanks so much,

The New to Sea Kayaking Workshop presenters.



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Hi Al,

We have a few friends that are avid skiers and relatively new to kayaking who we'll share this with! Look forward to paddling with you this Spring/Summer!


Thanks Lorrie. I am hoping to get on the water earlier this year!

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The info/flyer has been posted at the following places:

NOLS Boston Area email discussion group.

EMS - Harvard Square

EMS - Comm Ave, Boston.

City Sports - Comm Ave, Boston

Wilderness House, Boston

REI - Fenway

REI- Reading

Demoulas Market Basket - Woburn

West Marine - Woburn

Sports Authority - Woburn

YMCA Woburn

Attempted and failed at:

Cycle Loft - Burlington

Planet Fitness - Burlington



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Was just at the Reel Paddling Film Festival. Dane of REI and Dave of Charles River Canoe and Kayak were nice enough to let me leave a pile of flyers on the promotion table.

Flyers will be posted at Charles River (Newton) tomorrow.

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