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NSPN will continue its Club Membership with The Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) for 2010. NSPN members will enjoy the same benefits as last year.

Just a review:

What is the Maine Island Trail Association?

The Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) is a non-profit organization that promotes access, stewardship, and responsible use of the 180+ sites that make up the Maine Island Trail. The sites along the trail are available for day use and some for overnight use (some exclusively to MITA members) and go from the Isles of Shoals in the south to Machias Bay in the east.

What does this mean?

Reduced MITA membership rates for NSPN “Paid Membersâ€. For 2010, the reduced rates will be:

$25 for an individual membership (normally $45)

$45 for a family membership (normally $65)

Membership includes:

1. The Annual Guide to the Maine Island Trail - a 250-page guide to the 180+ sites on the trail, where they are located, and how to use them. The guide also provides important information on the safe and responsible use of the trail. The guide is updated for 2010 with new sites, and is an invaluable resource for kayakers exploring the Maine coast.

2. Newsletter - a content-rich semi-annual publication of stories and announcements concerning the Trail and the coast of Maine.

3. Electronic newsletter - a periodic bulletin concerning upcoming events and announcements. Please provide MITA with your email address to gain this important component of your membership!

4. Member Discounts - MITA members receive a package of discounts from local retailers and outfitters including LL Bean and Kittery Trading Post. For members making significant gear purchases, or planning a trip on the coast, the value of the starter kit can easily exceed the cost of MITA membership.

5. Programs and events - MITA holds events and sponsors outings each year and is working to develop more in the future.

6. A portion of your membership dues supports MITA’s stewardship work.

7. MITA memberships are based on the calendar year and expire on 12/31. Memberships purchased after Labor Day include the following calendar year.

We will also continue stewardship of our two adopted islands in Casco Bay - Bangs and Crow Islands.

We invite NSPN members to take advantage of this significant savings on MITA membership dues. For those that wish to donate a little more to MITA the option to join at the full rate (or more) is always welcome.

Instructions for joining MITA through NSPN are available in the NSPN Business forum, here (only NSPN "Paid Members" will be able to view the forum).

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