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2010 Icicle Run


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A little winter paddling eye candy from the recent MVP WW run down the Winni.

The video was shot upstream from the bridge in Franklin.

Neat and instructive stuff.

Wet exits no fun in middle of Class III WW.

Ed Lawson

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Sure, other than a cold swim he seems done the worse for it. At least I haven it heard otherwise esp viewing from my nice warm house.

Besides isn't some of the teachings are that you really should swim a rapid if you really want to appreciate it ?

We could always track him down and ask him but looks like folks were having a fun day to me.

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Swimming rapids in the winter time is never fun...brrr. Either way your right, with large eddies and paddler support, getting a paddler to the bank of the river is no big deal..assuming everyone, including the swimmer, knows what to do. One advantage of river paddling is that land is always close by, where you can quickly warmup with some plyometrics or jumping jacks. This is where safety differs in the ocean though. Having to warm up after wet exiting in a winter Isle of Shoal crossing for example, with land a mile or 2 a way is much harder.

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