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Sometimes a chart is not enough


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"These are ,IMHO, the two most important things you should bring & most people I know don't have them. Situational awareness & risk assessment skills."

Case on point.

On a last minute paddle this weekend, Gail and I found ourselves at the entrance to Brave Boat Harbor having come through the marsh. There was some baby surf suitable for timid woodland creatures so we decided to take a few rides before heading out. As we paddled out, a couple paddled in. We turned around to pick up a ride and saw they had stopped just past the "zone". As we started to get in position they paddled up and in front of us, shouted "Its really rough out there isn't it?" So there I was in my SOF holding position while lovely waves rolled past and forced to chat with folks who thought we had decided to retreat, did not appreciate I might get thrown into them, and in turn were asking where the cove to the north went. They were astounded to discover they were in Kittery, Maine having set out from Portsmouth to go around Castle Island and were wondering why after paddling for three hours they had not completed the trip. They had all the requisite stuff as in compass and chart and "normal" gear to be prepared for a day paddle on the ocean. Personally, I liked the comment during the chat from one to the other about taking a wrong turn after leaving Little Harbor.

Ed Lawson

There but for the Grace of God

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