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Eagles at Squam lake, NH


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Just a note that the eagles are back at the nest on Little Loon Is. and they have at least two eaglets. Now is nice time to watch as the parents are busy feeding eaglets so you may see more activity than later and far fewer boaters out. Also the loons are just getting back. I saw one fly in this weekend...don't often see loons flying. There are several areas where you are welcome to land on Squam and it has some interesting islands and coves to explore. Many 8 to 14NM loops can be created while checking out the eagles or whatever. Makes for a nice early season day on the water.

I was able to sit and watch the eagles feed their young for about 30 minutes without company Friday. Not the ocean, but nice paddling all the same. Late in the season is a good time too when the parents are trying to get them flying and will sit in trees at a distance. You can be paddling along, look up , and there one of them will be sitting within what seems like a few feet away.

Ed Lawson

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