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surf tip....

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is that like steak tips?

anyways, besides where a helmet...

with the time i'm spending surfing lately maybe a word of advice to be heeded or ignored as you feel the need but what the heck, it's a message board...so here it is.

surfing again last night with a chum, she was leaning back almost the entire time on the wave; she'd catch it and then immediately start with the lazy rudder (didn't turn the torso, exposing shoulder and not very powerful) and be leaning back on the rear deck.

leaning back actually slows you down and i think folks do this because it feels like you are getting more power from the "lazy rudder" but not as effectual as doing a bit differntly...

catch the wave, LEAN FORWARD...this make the boat go faster as your weight is now heading essentially down hill and freeing up the back of the boat from the wave...so you end up in front of it in the pocket, speeding along.

then, when you rudder, either be erect or lean forward a bit and ROTATE YOUR TORSO to do your rudder. this FORCES your legs to do what you want/need in order to be in this position...also protects your shoulder from exposure to too much stress.

this i have found to be far more effective in controlling the direction of your boat.

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that once you decided to share the wisdom you have accumulated and told me to lean forward, it was a totally different experience. The best part was racing ahead of the wave and then surfing back through it after a long (relatively speaking)ride before it breaks or just as it was breaking.

Perhaps all of Cape Ann could hear my hysterical cackling with glee! It was a blast once I got the hang of it and couldn't wipe the grin from my face.


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i am really glad that worked for you. you had some great rides last nigth and that beach was very forgiving and the conditions really good for practice. you were totally beaming! ha! it was cool!

on surfin back through it... to clarify, you just bring the rudder around into a brace and then once broached and the wave plays out a bit more with the force diminishing, you bring the brace forward and bow rudder the bow back out to face the ocean vs the shore. this uses the boat/blade in a more elegant fashion and then you don't have to "bully" the boat around. saves energy and time and so gives you MORE PLAY TIME!

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