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Green Heads?


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Saturday they were fine at the paddle demo - I didn't see one but one person was bitten. I think we were protected by the cool weather and slight breeze in the afternoon. I also think they don't like the rain.

Not sure if I would chance it yet in the marshes unless it was cool and windy. Don't they dissipate after the full moon flood?


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This has been a stange year for the GREENIES.

Last week I was out Monday morning paddled the River from the point, staying in the wind, out to the bay. I road some waves and then headed back up the river. The Greenies were with me all the way. There were even a couple on the bow of the kayak as I road the waves. When I turned around to go back out to catch another wave they would attack me.

Last Thursday morning I when out early 7:30 A.M. to test the new knee pads I had made up for that nights lessen in Rolling with Knight & Foote. I put in at Joes Creek and had to take out at the pier. The Greenies were so bad that day that I had trouble seeing in front of me.

However, since Saturday's cold spell and rain they have not been bad.

I was out yesterday afternoon for and hour and half, staying in the main part of the River were the wind blows. This morning I went out at 8:30A.M. for two hours.Paddling over to Hog Island staying this side, as the Greenies started to get bad out of the breeze. There was a mild breeze blowing from Cranes Beach and a couple of herons taking flight.It was so quiet you could hear there wings flutter as they flew by. As I paddled out into the bay there were a couple of bass that were slapping the surface of the water as I paddled by the pillings off of Hog Island. I was pleasantly surprised that I was not accompanied by the Greenies.

They were not bad when I took out at Joes Creek.

There was some new fresh meat on the beach which helped. A couple and their two young daughters had just come to the beach. The father was fraticly try to swat the bugs, while balancing him self on one foot and put skin so soft on. The greenies love skin so soft, as it softens the skin so that they can bite deeper. The daughters were waving their hands about their heads and body as they ran toward the water. The mother was putting a long sleeve shirt on. She had long pants on. I think she might have been here before.

We (locals) expect them(THE GREENIES) the last two weeks in July and the first two weeks in August. Some times they are here and extra week on either end.

I myself try not to be here during this time because THE GREENIES,the mosquitos and midgets(if no wind) can be real bad.

If you are coming,I suggest bringing a long sleeve shirt,pants,a new large can of deet and a back up just in case they eat the first one before you can get back into your car.

The full moon and high tide is suppose to knock them down.

But since it has been relatively mild so far they may just be starting after the full moon until the next one.


Conomo Point

Essex, Ma

P.S. It is very comfortable and beautiful from an air conditioned car this time of year. You get to see people running, waving shirts, hands and towels, beating themselves, and jumping up and down;doing the GREENEY SHUFFLE.

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