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paddlesmart event april 25th / portland maine

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South Portland Maine - USCG Paddlesmart event this Saturday...old hat for most but what the heck.

as a point of interest if you are going to go through the safety inspection bring a light. did this last year and the fella actually told me i needed a light on the boat at all times....which i suppose makes some sense but eh...i'm just hoping i get to be on the water for the helo rescue!


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Wasn't able to make this event, but interested in the "tag" mentioned elsewhere for kayak/kayaker ID. How to obtain this item?


i'd GUESS that for the boat safety inspection you'd have to contact the coasties (or aux) regionally (or if your around East boston on may 16th there is another paddlesmart event offering this) OR if you were interested in just making one of these ID tags for yourself i suppose you could print your info (name/address/phone#) on a small piece of paper and glass it right into the cockpit (like the manufacturers stickers you see in some)...i might do it on a bright piece of paper if i were going to put that in there.

may 16th event promo piece below.



Host: United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

When: Saturday, May 16, 12:00-2:00

Where: Umana School, 312 Border Street, East Boston, MA

Guest: Rick Stoehrer, Registered Maine Guide.

Discussions: Regarding dressing for the elements, cold water emersion and effects of hypothermia, safety gear, weather protective clothing, and in-the-water demonstrations of self and assisted rescue techniques.

In the gym: There will be exhibits of kayaks, safety gear, and weather protective clothing as well as personnel to answer any questions you may have. See the video “Decide to Return†by Walkabout Productions produced in conjunction with the ACA (American Canoe Association) from a grant by the Wallop-Breaux.

In the pool: There will be in-the-water demonstrations of self and assisted rescue techniques as well as proper paddle techniques.

Please bring your kayak(s) or other paddle craft to receive a FREE voluntary paddle craft inspection from the Auxiliary outside the school.

For more information contact Jeff or Sheryl James at 978-486-4346 or sinbadtoo@verizon.net .

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