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Thanks to Nick Dyslin, Lendal paddle rep, Tom Bergh of Maine Island Kayak Company and our one an only Suz I had a great afternoon Demoing Lendal paddles while in kayaks provided by Tom Berg of Maine Island Kayak Copmany.

Thanks Suz for putting this function on at Pavillion Beach in Ipswich.


Impex Serenity


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Ditto on Walter's words!

And to think, I almost decided to ditch this after feeling a bit out of sorts and then getting slightly lost this morning! I'm glad the cop happened to be walking out of Dunkin Donuts (wait, isn't there a joke in here?) as I passed by so I could ask directions to Pavillion. As always, a great day on the water with a bunch of good people!

Thanks Nick for coming all this way and for the "Paddles 101" session. You know your stuff!

And thanks to Tom for letting me paddle that beautiful boat today! Did I say how much I liked it?

And, of course, thanks again to Suzanne for all she did in organizing this day!!!


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I arrived early at 8:30 and worriedly looked at the buckets of water pouring out of the sky and wondered if the sky would clear and who would show. Slowly the cars started trickling in... Eventually we ended up with 16 people on the water. It was a slightly later launch than the norm - I think about 10:20. The winds picked up as we got on the water and the decision was made that the group would stick together and stay on the inside of Plum Island. We slowly made our way exchanging the Werner paddles as we went along, someone borrowed my Mystik Lendal early on and that was the last I saw of it for the day.

Lunch was had on a rapidly disappearing Middle Ground Island. The lunch time treats were shared brownies, hermits and assorted candy.

Then we turned around and headed back to Pavillion with a bit of stroke practice on the way in.

We arrived at the beach just as Nick Dyslin arrived with the Lendal paddles. Tom Bergh brought out some boats for people to demo - Greenlander Pro, Explorer, Explorer LV, Romany, Argonaut, Aquanaut and a double Triton. As people arrived, they signed up for the raffle and demoed the boats and the paddles.

Eventually we got around to pulling the lucky winners for the 2 paddle leashes and the Lendal Nordkapp - Carbon Nylon paddle. Jane Alaimos and Ken Cooper won the leashes and Rick Crangle won the paddle.

Finished up on the beach by 6 p.m. Great day!

We had 34 people who signed in! A great turn out for a rainy day.

Thank you everyone for making this happen!


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