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boat transport? from East to West?


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A friend has landed a job out in the Pacific NorthWest....he really wants his boat out there.....anyone know of anyone driving towards the left coast who would want to bring a boat???


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btw: here is West's request:


from West Coast Paddler

So I wrote earlier wondering about someplace to work this summer...now having gotten the job I was looking for, I'm confronted with a new issue: I'm in Arizona for school, the job is in Washington, and my boat is in Massachusetts. I realize that this forum is based on the wrong side of the country, but if anyone is going to be driving from the Boston area west, even just past the midwest, and has room on their roof for a long boat, driver(s) would be much appreciated and compensated for gas and/or beer. If I can't find anyone driving out that can take a boat, does anyone have experience shipping a sea kayak cross-country...? I know it's relatively easy with a WW boat, but they're small, lighter, and virtually indestructible...not so much for an 18 foot glass boat. Any thoughts?




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Didn't Ms. Bennett (Mary) write recently that she was going to be driving to Alaska soon (April, perhaps)?

I just found her post, written 2nd March, saying "leaving in 29 days' time" -- you may be too late!

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Contact some of the dealers that sell Racing Shells (Sculls) this time of year those guys are all over the place. Evergreen Rowing in the Pacwest is a large dealer and may be able to help as the makers on the west coast are transporting stuff out this way now and will be glad to have something to take back.


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