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The Way a Pool Session Should Be


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We had a great time Saturday night - it was me, Judy, David, Sean, Kevin, Shaila, and Brian. Pretty much we all worked on everything from rolling, to switching seats in a boat, to sculling, all the way to trying out the norsaq I got for Kevin for Christmas. We thought we had some idea of what do do with it but apparently absolutely not. I can't wait for Friday's Greenland session we're attending so someone can show me how the heck to do a hand roll.

Shaila nailed her rolls (yeah)!, Brian REALLY loved his boat, and Kevin showed me some new greenland stuff he worked on last week at their session . . .

Afterwards it was a full PPPO at Watch City including beer at 9.5% alcohol and sore jaws from tough steak tips, but I mean a chewy steak tip is a good steak tip.

Thanks again and hope to keep these up!

For pics and movies from the session visit:


You'll need Quick Time 7 from the apple site downloaded to see the movies . . .

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Great video. Kevin looks like a natural with that stick. Watch out he doesn't go over to the dark side. Has he ordered the tulik yet? Gillian, if you want to learn the hand roll, ask Kate Hartland to come to one of the next pool sessions.

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