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Geri & Bob Hayes in AMC Magazine


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I opened this month's AMC Outdoors magazine (p. 35) to find a picture of Bob & Geri Hayes smooching and drinking champagne on top of Bondcliff in the White Mountains.

I met & paddled with Geri & Bob when Bob Burnett came to town last year. I believe they were among the original NSPN crew.

Anyway, this article may explain why we don't see them on the the water much these days -- they have become ardent peak baggers, and last October finished the NH 4,000-footers list.

Congratulations to Bob & Geri -- even if it's not a paddling accomplishment!

By the way, what's the kayaking equivalent of peak bagging? If there isn't one, maybe we should start it now, so we can prevent defections like this one. ;-)))


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Congratulations Bob & Geri!!

Would you consider coastline bagging?

Paddling the entire coastline of a state.

Island Bagging?

Paddling to or around, all of the "off shore" islands within each state.

Or, paddling to and climbing (hiking) to the highest point on each island.


Living to learn.

Romany White, Blue trim

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