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8/30-Mellow-Tucks, Beyond Bakers, Seals


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The weather reports and radar were right on. Most of us were wondering if conditions would be good when we left home. By the time we launched at 10 AM from Tucks Point, the clouds were breaking. The word for the day was MELLOW and we were. At the beach briefing, the group added a crucial emotional safety rule: no whining.

Glen, Phil, Lorrie, Larry, and Al headed out in light wind but quickly encounter 2-3 foot swells at 10-12 seconds. The confused water as we went out by House Island wasn't bad and the small explosions on the rocks from the swells were beautiful.

We passed by the east (yes Al, EAST) end of Bakers and on to the Dry Breakers arriving in one hour. It was fun to watch the views appear and disappear with the swells. However, away from the shallows the swells and head wind were not bothersome. Lourrie and Phil predicted where the seals would be and they were right on. There were between 4 and 8 depending on which were duplicates.

We headed back around the west end at Bakers visiting the Gooseberries. Glen and Phil played in the rocks. Al faked some rock play. Phil managed a great save in the middle of a rock pile as he got hit by at least 12 waves at one from 16 different directions. Seriously, it was a great save. Glen and Al lost gelcoat.

On to Misery for a lunch on the south (I think) bluff around noon. With rising winds and our mantra (mellow) in operations, we returned to Tucks about 2 PM.

Great trip. Common expectations. Common abilities. Weather, sea conditions, sun, and wind were just right to make it fun.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful time.


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