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Solstice Paddle Level 2+ trip organizer needed

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The Solstice paddle and NSPN 10 year anniversary party is fast approaching. :) We have the level 3 trip and level 2 trip organizers in place but we could use someone for the level 2+ trip. If you want to help out with the level 2+ trip, please contact Heidi Hall.

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Hi Patty,

Sorry for taking a while to get back to you. If you're still game, we'd love to take you up on your offer! With this year's switch to CAM, formal registration isn't necessary, but especially for this event, we are emphasizing the need for a slightly more fleshed out initial float plan to be posted & the holding of a beach briefing to help participants assess if its a good fit for the "go/no-go" decision.

In addition to the individual postings of each trip to the Trips forum, where regular SNG planning can take place, we were hoping to post one calendar event posting with all floatplans listed together.... If you & Liz are still interested, can you email me your proposed trip so we can add it in? heidihhhallatverizondotnet

Also I have a number of folks that said they weren't positive that they could be there to initiate the trip, but said that if they were available, they'd be interested in assisting, so I can pass along their info as well.

I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks again for your offer!


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